"We envision a time where token economies can enable innovation and financial inclusion in every corner of the planet"
How we work
Project assessment
We work only with selected projects with a clear impactful factor, sustainable business model, motivated founding team, viable ecosystem and customer focus
Due-diligence of smart contract and tech support
Our team will review your existing smart contract, make security check, functional testinging, etc. to ensure your code is safe, realistic and executable
Legal advise
Strong legal team will lead you through all the questions regarding token classification, the entity registration, regulatory issues, taxation and other procedures
Marketing strategy
Our team can assist you in establishment of the winning marketing strategy, setting up the plan for community building around your project and promotion of your ICO in the relevant channels
ICO execution support
Roadshow, trigger reputation points, right contacts, foreign markets, etc... All this should be executed in the right way, and we will advice you on it.
Meet our team
TokenBooster is a team of professionals experienced in all the core fields, like: blockchain and cryptography, legal environment, startups, venture investments, marketing and community building, etc.
Team Leader
Over 25 years of experience in IT, blockchain guru, co-founder of the Crypto Valley Association, founder of iprotus GmbH
Legal advisory
Attorney-at-Law, focused on venture capital and start-ups, specialising in ICOs and supporting legal side of token economy
Business modeling, regulations
Specialising in due-diligence for ICOs from a traditional business and regulatory aspects
Community building
Startup mentor, serial entrepreneur, blockchain enthusiast, founder of InnMind
CTO, technical team leader specialising on smart contracts, security and technical execution
Specialising in market analysing, competition strategy, marketing strategy and brand development
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Boosting tokens engine to create the impactful distributed economy

Based in Switzerland, known for its crypto-friendly environment, we support companies and projects from worldwide
Innovative ideas
Facilitating governance and funding for implementation of revolutionary technologies in the real economy
Impact factor
We commit our skills and energy to support credible and impactful projects of trustworthy people with great visions around the world
We work with a comprehensive due-diligence methodology to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your ICO project
We are part of Crypto Valley's Ecosystem: while you work on driving your innovations, we provide you with the Backoffice.
Our contacts
Feel free to connect with us, describe your case and explore how can we help you
Zug, Switzerland
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